Bayfit Swimming Pools

Enjoy our 25 meter Lap Pool, Learners and Hydrotherapy pools plus Spa and Steam Room

Bayfit Leisure Centre provides the public and private groups with a 10 lane 25 metre lap pool, Learn to swim pool, hydrotherapy pool as well as spa and steam room. Access to pools is made easy with wheelchair access ramps along with the availability upon request of a water wheelchair.

To ensure comfortable temperatures for swimming, each of the pools are regulated to specific temperatures for different activities.

Lanes are available to hire for groups, sporting teams, individuals and schools. To make a booking or enquire about booking a lane please contact the centre either in person or by phone.

Due to Swim Lessons, there is limited availability of the LTS / Children’s pool between 9:00am to 1:00pm weekdays and weekends and 3:30pm to 6:30pm weekdays.

Accessibility Features

BayFit Leisure Centre is user friendly for patrons with a range of disabilities and reduced mobility.

Easy access by public transport
All facilities are at ground level
Aquatic Wheelchairs
Hip Float and platforms available
Accessible/Family change rooms with shower, toilet, change tables, and a hydraulic hoist to assist carers of patrons with a disability
Casual Entry Peak
(weekends & school holidays)
Off Peak
Adult – Swim $7.20 $6.40
Adult – Swim/Spa/Steam $11.40 $11.40
Concession – Swim $5.70 $4.95
Concession – Swim/Spa/Steam $9.10 $9.10
Swim Passes Adult Concession
10 Swim Visits $57.60 $45.00
25 Swim Visits $136.00 $105.20
10 Swim/Spa/Steam $102.60 $81.90
Bayfit Supervision Policy
The supervision of Children in Aquatics Facilities is not the sole responsibility of lifeguards.
A condition of entry involves the expectation that a parent/guardian will provide direct supervision of children as follows:
Children under 5 years must be constantly supervised by the parent/guardian and remain in arms reach of the child.
If the child is in the water, the parent/guardian must also be in the water.
Children under 12 years must be accompanied within the facility and constantly supervised by the parent/guardian.
Unsupervised children of any age may be removed from the water if the lifeguard is concerned of their safety