NJF Wellness Centres offers Exercise Physiology at BayFit Leisure Centre.


  • Veterans Clinically Necessary Treatment
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Diabetes
  • Workcover
  • Private


Requirements for this service:

  • Gold and white DVA/TPI card holders require a ‘D904 referral form’ to cover the service
  • Medicare patients with a chronic medical condition require a ‘CDM referral form’ to cover the service
  • Return to work patients require a ‘Workcovers’ Compensation Certificate’ to cover the service
  • NJF requires a ‘GP referral’ to provide treatment for private health cover services


NJF values the importance of self-management, personalised care and excellent service. NJF believes exercise is the cornerstone of care and we are constantly familiarising ourselves with the most up to date approach to exercise management and testing.

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